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Thank you for considering employment with the Federal Government.  To begin the process, you'll need to visit USAJobs.gov.  There you will find details of all positions presently available as well as requirements and locations of those positions. 

A few suggestions to increase your chances of Federal Employment:

1.  Be sure to create an "Agent" at the site.  Your agent is an alert system that will notify you via e-mail when a position matching your criteria becomes available.  You'll be informed when a new position becomes available.

2.  When you find a position you'd like to apply for, be sure to write to the positions KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities).  The site uses an automated system that selects candidates predicated on the match of the position with the self-reported KSAs.  It can be tedious, but, writing to the KSAs for each position you're applying for will increase your chances of being selected for an interview.  

3.  As you're perusing USAJobs.gov, understand that the US Government is one government comprised of hundreds of different agencies and departments.   There is only one United States Government, but it is not monolithic.  The hundreds of agencies and departments perform tens of thousands of functions for America.  If one agency declines to hire you, don't be discouraged.  Each agency has its own requirements and standards.  Keep trying.

4.    Engage your network.  LinkedIn is an extraordinary tool to find the right people in the right positions that may be able to help you contact the right person in the agency or department you're attempting to work for.  This is another reason to make absolutely certain that you have a big, powerful, robust LinkedIn Network.  Begin building your network as quickly as you can.  You'll be glad you did.   

5.  While you're waiting on the Federal Government to make a decision, patience is a virtue.  They can move slowly.  DO NOT become discouraged.  With luck, your hard work will pay off. 

Good luck in your search. 

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